B2B Solution Sales Process built on Lean and Agile Principles

Visualise opportunity status, continuously qualify, and improve forecast accuracy with the Essential Sales Process

A Sat Nav for your Sales Teams

The Essential Sales Process distils decades of B2B solution selling experience into a simple, lean, agile and lightweight sales process, covering all aspects of solution selling.

Powerful checklists help you to continuously qualify, plan and develop your opportunities – helping you understand exactly where you are, and the outcomes you need to achieve next in order to win.

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Empower Sales Team Agility

Essential Sales Process is built on lean-agile principles and practices, including a highly visual approach that supports team collaboration and iterative working. Providing rigour without rigidity, Essential Sales Process allows the team to own it’s way of working, and set regular, achievable goals that move your opportunities forwards.

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How Lean-Agile Practices Can Improve Your Sales Process

Lean and agile principles are becoming increasingly popular in many aspects of business – including sales. Sales teams are adopting lean-agile practices to collaborate more effectively, focus on the right deals, and continuously improve to stay ahead of the competition.

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What People are Saying

“This to me is the most effective sales tool I have ever seen. It works on so many levels of experience and ability, and at individual team and enterprise levels. It simplifies the complex without trivialising it. Highly commended!”

Ian Meharg, Senior Account Director, ex IBM, CA and Gartner

“Essential sales process is an excellent concept. It covers all aspects of the sales process, right through to delivery of benefits to the customer, which is so important for building references and for repeat business.”

Ed Holt, Founder, Agile Business Consortium

“It is a great way to facilitate the conversations during an opportunity review session. It allows for a richer, substantive and more meaningful discussion between sales manager and team member.”

Keyuri Yagnik, Freelance Sales Engineering Consultant