A well defined and consistently adopted sales process provides the foundation for any sales organisation. Whether you’re just starting out, growing your team, or have been successfully selling forever, we can help you define, implement and adopt a rigorous B2B sales process that works for you – and your customers.

Even the most successful sales teams need to hone their skills to stay ahead of the competition. By instilling the lean-agile principles of visualisation of work, team collaboration, and continuous improvement, we can help you stay at the top of your game.

Sales Process Effectiveness Appraisal

We’ll take a look at how your current B2B sales process is defined, how it is being adopted, and how these things are impacting sales team performance.

We’ll answer questions such as:

  • How well is your sales process defined compared to other similar organisations?
  • Is it rigorous, without being too rigid for teams to match customer’s buying cycles?
  • Is it being followed consistently and repeatably?
  • How do the sales team feel about it – does it help or hinder their work?
  • Does it support the team with relevant guidance on opportunity qualification and deal progression?
  • Does it provide good governance for the organisation, e.g. with accurate forecasting?
  • Are there any obvious gaps or risks not currently being addressed?


Sales Process Definition and Customisation

For organisations looking to introduce a sales process, define their own custom sales process, or create a flexible lean-agile sales governance model – we can help you to:

  • Improve your sales process so it works for both sales people and sales leaders
  • Create and implement your own custom sales opportunity cycle
  • Map your sales opportunity cycle to the Essential Sales Process framework
  • Integrate your custom sales process with your CRM system
  • Establish a lean-agile sales governance approach for your organisation

Thanks to our pre-built framework of outcome-based checklists, we can build your custom process more quickly and more cost-effectively than more traditional approaches.


Lean-Agile Sales Coaching

Get expert help and guidance to take your performance to the next level. Coaching helps your team embed new skills and turn them into consistent and repeatable behaviours. Focusing on bringing lean-agile principles into the sales arena, we’ll work with you to instil a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement.

All  of our coaching begins with a discovery call to understand where you are, where you’re headed, and what’s getting in your way. We’ll then recommend a tailored coaching plan for you.


Introduction to the Essential Sales Process

Understand the basics of the Essential Sales Process and how it will help you to work in a more lean-agile way and continuously qualify your pipeline, allowing you to focus on the right deals and provide accurate forecasts.


Essential Sales Process Workshop

Get hands-on experience of using the Essential Sales Process to qualify, plan, develop and forecast a real-world sales opportunity. Working in small teams, this workshop will challenge you to work together to take a sales opportunity from initial identification to a deal that can be accurately forecast. Collaborative working, visualisation and iterative planning are key as you compete to win against your competitors. By the end of this workshop you will be able to confidently apply the Essential Sales Process to your own sales pipeline.