Combine sales rigour with customer-centricity

Whether you’re a B2B solution seller, a sales leader, or sales coach, we help you apply a rigorous approach while remaining responsive to your customers’ needs.

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Sales Leaders

Sales leaders are responsible for growing profitable revenue and a successful customer base, providing reliable forecasts to the business, while managing an often diverse and distributed team of sellers. In an environment with escalating pressure from investors to achieve targets, increasing competition, and ever more demanding customers, this has to be one of the most challenging roles in any organisation, large or small.

Being able to rely on a robust, rigorous, yet flexible sales process to keep the team on track while remaining responsive to customer needs is essential. Our approach supports your team with a custom process, built on decades of solution selling experience, providing a solid basis for deal qualification, call planning, and forecasting.

Sales Teams

Sales teams are today operating in an asymmetric environment, where prospective customers are better informed and far more empowered than before – and traditional sales approaches are no longer as effective. Sellers need the flexibility to adapt to customers buying cycles, while maintaining solid and continuing qualification, ensuring that they remain focused on the right prospects and the right opportunities.

We’ll get you quickly up and running with sales process that supports such a flexible approach, while encouraging rigorous qualification and planning – providing the right level of sales governance combined with detailed guidance on the essential aspects of B2B solution selling.

Sales Enablement & Operations

Sales enablement and sales operations teams need to ensure the sales team are fully enabled with the skills and resources to do their job effectively, through the provisioning of sales process, tools and training.

We’ll help you rapidly deliver an effective sales process with clearly defined stages to enable good sales governance, while maintaining flexibility so sellers can respond to customer’s needs and adapt to their buying cycles. It will also provide sellers with built-in guidance in the form of outcome-based checklists, to support continuous qualification, call planning, and accurate forecasting.

Sales Coaches

No matter how new to the role, or how experienced, all sellers can benefit from regular coaching, to ensure that the right process is being followed, qualification is thorough and forecasts are accurate. Even the most experienced sellers will benefit from having a second pair of eyes review their deals from time to time, to ensure all aspects are covered and nothing is being missed.

Sales managers often don’t have the time to provide the level of coaching required, especially for large teams with large pipelines, so utilising an internal or external coach can help and will provide significant value. We’ll support you with a highly effective sales process that offers good governance and solid guidance, providing the perfect structure for coaching and opportunity reviews.

Founders & Innovators

Innovators, entrepreneurs, and startup founders are great at coming up with business ideas, getting them off the ground, and winning some initial customers – but don’t always have the knowledge, experience or resources to grow a sales team, or to hire an expensive sales leader. They may find it difficult to put the necessary structure and process in place to ensure that the business can continue to grow beyond some early successes.

Our unique approach captures decades of solution selling experience and enables you to rapidly, and very cost-effectively, create a custom sales process to ensure your team can continue to win new customers, whatever their level of experience.


When you’re thinking of investing, one of the biggest assets a company may have is it’s pipeline of sales opportunities. The problem is, how do you know how real that pipeline is?

Our approach provides a highly rigorous and objective way to qualify every aspect of every deal in the pipe, so you know what’s real and what is wishful thinking – or perhaps simply incorrectly placed due to lack of experience.