Aim higher with a lean-agile sales process built for B2B solution sellers

We help you rapidly build and adopt a robust, flexible sales process customised to your needs – at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

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Right-size your sales process

Remove waste and increase agility by right sizing your sales process to fit your opportunities.

In sales, one size does not fit all – each customer and every opportunity presents unique challenges.

Our approach allows you to tailor your process, providing the right amount guidance and governance to help you win.

Sell the way your customers buy

Build trust and reduce friction by aligning your sales cycle to the way your customer chooses to buy.

Our outcome-based approach frees you and your team from inflexible sales cycles, allowing you to focus on delivering value by matching your style and behaviour to your customer’s.

Improve forecast accuracy

Forecasting no longer has to be a “black art”. Remove the guesswork by  basing your forecast on objective outcomes.

By following a rigorous and comprehensive checklist based process, opportunity status is automatic, accurate and transparent. Spot risks and issues before they derail your opportunity and ensure your forecast has no hidden surprises.

Visualise opportunity status

Stop the guesswork, remove the subjectivity. Track the maturity of up to seven different aspects of any opportunity, and understand the real status of your pipeline.

Our approach uses lean and agile practices to radiate information visually so your team is all on the same page.

Focus on the right deals

Powerful checklists help you qualify, plan and develop your opportunities – so you understand exactly where you are, and the outcomes you need to achieve next in order to win.

Continuous qualification throughout the sales cycle ensures your team invests time and effort in the right deals.